SEZ Pavlodar

1. Characteristics






3,300 ha


Completion on the final stage: construction of a customs terminal building, construction of fencing along the perimeter of the territory of the SEZ

Type of activities targeted

  1. manufacture of chemical industry products;

  2. manufacture of petrochemical products as well as products of allied productions and technologies.


2. Projects

Main projects successfully completed

  • Production of inhibited hydrochloric acid, JSC "Caustic"

  • Production of household chemical goods, “Belizna PVLLP

  • Production of disinfectants, “BO-NA” LLP

  • Production of agrochemical products, “AgroChimProgress” LLP

  • Calcination of petroleum coke, "UPNK-PV" LLP

Current projects

  • Production of polyvinyl chloride and antifreeze, “Chimsbyt-PV” LLP


3. The city of Pavlodar

Former russian imperial outpost extracting salt, Pavlodar remained a small city the Soviet Government's Virgin Lands Campaign provided the impetus for its rapid growth and development during the 1960s. Pavlodar became a major industrial center of both the Kazakh SSR and of the Soviet Union; the largest local industries were and are still today the manufacture of farm machinery, aluminum, and industrial chemicals; an oil refinery was completed in 1978. After 1991 Pavlodar has evolved by creating ethnic festivals, opening of parks and fountains, as well as religious monuments. The spectacular Mashkur Jusup mosque has been erected in 2001.


400 km²




  • Heavy industry: machinery, chemicals, refinery etc. (7% of all industrial production of Kazakhstan)
  • Average monthly salary: 114,027 KZT (around 340 $)


Temperate continental climate with long, cold winters and hot summers.

Land type

The city is located along the Irtysh River. The lands consist mainly of flat steppe.

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