SEZ Burabay



1. Characteristics

Creation 2007
Term 2017
Territory 370 ha: 221 ha of forest and 149 ha of coastal strip.
Infrastructure Completed.
Priority activities
  1. provision of tourist services;

  2. construction and commissioning of tourist accommodation places, sanatorium and recreational facilities under the following conditions: facilities in construction or operation must not be related to gambling, construction and commissioning are carried out in accordance with the draft documentation of the project.

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2. Projects

Completed projects
  • Construction and operation of TGC "Burabay Lakes Resort Hotels","Borovoe Tourism City" LLP, mostly known for the opening of the five star hotel «Rixos Lake Borovoe»
Current projects
  • Construction of a touristic health center, "Scientific Health Center" LLP

  • Construction and commissioning of a complex of guest houses "Borovoe Country Club" LLP


3. Burabay

With its beautiful landscape, the most attractive site for tourists is Borovoe, which is one of the Burabay lakes in the north of Kazakhstan, in the eastern foothills of Kokshe Mountain. The water in the lake is limpid and the bottom can be seen clearly. Access to the water is easy, with both rocky and sandy shores surrounded by pine forest and bizarre rocks.

Data for Burabay district:

Territory 5,900 km²
Population 75,000 (44,000 for the city of Schuchinsk and 5,000 for the village of Burabay)
  • Development of tourism
  • Average monthly salary (regional): 94,172 KZT (around 280 USD)
Climate extreme continental climate, mostly dry with cold winter and hot summer
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Tax and customs preferences:
- corporate income tax is 0%
- property tax - 0%
- VAT on imported goods - 0%
- duties - 0%
- land tax - 0%
- land rent - 0 (for 10 years)
Requirements for application for registration as a participant in the SEZ
The applicant submits an application for the status of SEZ in the proper party management company.

The application shall be accompanied by:
1) profile of the applicant in the form approved by the authority;
2) a notarized copy of the certificate of state registration (re-registration) of a legal entity (legalized document certifying state. Registered in a foreign country);
3) a notarized copy of the identity document of the first head of the applicant;
4) a notarized copy of the taxpayer - to January 1, 2012 or a notarized copy of the document with an identification number - from 1 January 2012;
5) a notarized copy of memorandum of association (legalized document);
6) a notarized copy of the decision of the supreme body of the legal entity operating on the territory of a special economic zone (legalized document);
7) A copy of the financial statements of the last reporting date, signed by the head of the applicant or his deputy, as well as the chief accountant (accountant);
8) a feasibility study of the project that meets the requirements established by the authority;
9) Check the servicing bank on movement of money in the bank accounts of the applicant (the absence of catalogs) and the credit report from the credit bureau that contains information about full or partial information available on the credit history;
10) A certificate from the tax authority at the place of registration of the presence or absence of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget.
11) A copy of a certificate of absence of state registration as a taxpayer with tax authorities of Kazakhstan for foreign applicants are not taxpayers RK legalized document - notarized translation into Kazakh and / or Russian languages.

Head of the Administration of SEZ "Burabai" - Otarov Almas Ablaevich, contact phone number.: 8 (71636) 46621 (desk, fax)
Deputy Head - Salpykov Janat Muhtarovich, contact phone number.: 8 (71636) 44199
Head of Monitoring and working with the parties to SEZ - Zhanybekov Arman Zhaskayratovich, contact phone number.: 8 (71636) 42145 ext. 102
Head of maintenance of SEZ - Tnalinova Leila Aymuranovna, contact phone number.: 8 (71636) 42145 ext. 104
Chief Specialist Personnel Department to ensure SEZ activity - Mynzhasarov Kairat Dosumbekovich, contact phone number: 8 (71636) 42145 ext. 104

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