SEZ Parc of Innovative Technologies (Almaty)



1. Characteristics






343 ha (3 sub-zones, 1 already fully occupied)

Main goals

  • Creation of innovation clusters

  • Accumulation of start-ups

  • Attraction and development of innovative projects

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2. Projects

Main projects successfully completed

  • 58 companies are producing more than 500 kinds of products and services, including 14 companies with foreign participation (Russia, South Korea, Israel, China, Germany, Italy) and the 35 companies operating on the principle of extraterritoriality.

  • About 60% of them are working on TIC projects.

  • Others concern mainly instrument engineering, oil and gas sector, energy efficiency.

  • Creation of the educational and practical center "Turan-Tau" in partnership with “Turan” University.

Current projects

  • DS Multimedia (Kazakhstan – Korea): production of electronic components

  • KazTechInnovations (Kazakhstan – Japan): production of electronic bracelets for prisoners and others

  • LogyCom (Kazakhstan – USA): data processing center.

  • Extended participation of organizations representing scientific and educational sector such as “Käsipkör” College, Kazakh Oil and Gas Institute, Kazakh-British Technical University.


3. The city of Almaty

Formerly Alma-Ata and capital until 1997, the “city of apples” (alma in kazakh) remains the largest, most developed, most ethnically and culturally diverse city in Kazakhstan and the main economic center of the country.

The SEZ PIT is located on the Alatau micro-district, which is part of the Medeo district of the city of Almaty. Almaty is the Kazakhstan's largest city and counts 68 research institutes and more than 50 universities, which can now use the PIT as a real testing ground for the joint implementation of projects in traditional sectors (mining and metals, oil and gas, agribusiness), and in new sectors (green technologies, new energy, smart environment, new materials, etc.).


682 km²




  • Economic capital of Kazakhstan (20% of Kazakhstan's GDP)
  • Average monthly salary: 168,724 KZT (around 500 USD)


Humid continental climate with warm summers and cold winters.

Land type

Mountain valley: Almaty is North of the mountain range Tian Shan. Talgar Peak (4979 m) is visible from all over town. The area is tectonically active.

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Advantages of SEZ "PIT":
Participants of SEZ are exempt from:
1. The corporate income tax
2. Property tax
3. Land tax
4. Fee for the right to use land, but not more than 10 years from the date of allotment of land plots
5. Imposition of zero rate VAT implementation in the territory of SEZ goods wholly consumed in the implementation of activities that meet the objectives of the creation of such SEZ, according to the list of goods identified by the Government.

Also participants SEZ "Park of innovative technologies" is provided to the principle of extraterritoriality in 2018. (Participants SEZ "PIT" may be located outside the SEZ and enjoy tax preferences, except VAT and customs duties)
Documents submitted by the applicant to carry out activities as a member of the special economic zone
The applicant submits an application for registration as a participant in a special economic zone in the management company SEZ "PIT.".

The application shall be accompanied by:
1. The applicant's profile in the form approved by the authority;
2. Certificate of state registration (re-registration) of a legal entity;
3. Notarized copy of the identity document of the first head of the applicant;
4. Notarized copy of the taxpayer - to January 1, 2013 or a notarized copy of the document with an identification number - from 1 January 2013;
5. Notarized copy of the memorandum of association;
6. Notarized copy of the decision of the supreme body of the legal entity operating on the territory of the special economic zone;
7. Copy of the financial statements for the last reporting date, signed by the head of the applicant or his deputy, as well as the chief accountant (accountant);
8. Feasibility study of the project that meets the requirements established by the authority;
9. Servicing bank statement of cash flows in the bank accounts of the applicant (the absence of catalogs) and the credit report from the credit bureau that contains information about full or partial information available on the credit history;
10. Certificate from the tax authority at the place of registration of the presence or absence of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget;
11. Documents confirming the applicant's financial security.

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