SEZ Ontustik (Shymkent)


1. Characteristics






200 ha, around 100 ha available for new investors


Completed. Includes 4 railroads and a customs office.

Type of activities targeted

  1. Production of finished textile products, except clothing;

  2. Manufacture of other knitted and crocheted products;

  3. Clothing, except fur apparel and leather;

  4. Spinning, weaving and finishing of textiles;

  5. Production of non-woven products, except for clothes;

  6. Manufacture of carpets and rugs;

  7. Production of pulp and cellulose;

  8. Production of paper and cardboard;

  9. Production of leather products, with the exception of tanning and dressing of leather, dressing and dyeing of fur;

  10. Manufacture of stationery products.

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2. Projects

Main projects successfully completed

  • 8 projects completed for an investment portfolio of 144 M USD: Oxy Textile, AGF Group, Khlopkoprom-Cellulose, Shymkent-Cashemire, Kagaz Shahary, KazBioLife, Bal Textile, Nazar Textile

Current projects

  • 11 projects in progress for an investment portfolio of 490 M USD

  • 7 projects in study for an investment portfolio of 409 M USD


3. The city of Shymkent and the South-Kazakhstan region

South-Kazakhstan region borders with the Republic of Uzbekistan. On its territory passes the international transit corridor "Western Europe" - "Western China" and transnational motorways: Tashkent - Shymkent - Taraz – Almaty; Tashkent - Shymkent - Turkestan – Samara. The airport of Shymkent has also a favorable geographical position, located 100 km from Tashkent, 450 km from Kyzylorda, 500 km from Bishkek, 700 km from Almaty. A large trade and logistics center is planned to be builded near this airport, with a land area of 92 hectares.

Former caravanserai protecting the Silk Road since the XIIth century, Shymkent was a trade center which has been destroyed several times. During the soviet era Shymkent and its lead smelter supplied a major part of the USSR's metals needs, copper as well as lead and others, including three-quarters of all bullets fired by the Red Army.


347 km²


886,000 (1,4 M for the entire agglomeration)


  • Production of refined zinc, processed pelts, textiles, foodstuffs, and pharmaceuticals. Medium-sized refinery operated by PetroKazakhstan.
  • Average monthly salary: 92,960 KZT (around 275 $)


A mix of Mediterranean and dry-summer continental climate with hot, relatively dry summers and cold winters

Land type

Sparsely populated steppes and deserts, high snow-capped mountains.

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Tax and customs preferences:
- corporate income tax is 0%
- property tax - 0%
- VAT on imported goods - 0%
- duties - 0%
- land tax - 0%
- land rent - 0 (for 10 years)
- VAT on imports - 0%

Documents submitted by the applicant to carry out activities as a member of a special economic zone and its inclusion in a single register of members of the special economic zone "Astana - new city".

1. activities party special economic zone in accordance with the agreement on the implementation of activities.
2. shall be accompanied by the following documents on paper and (or) electronic media:
1) profile of the applicant in the form approved by the authority;
2) a certificate of state registration (re-registration) of a legal entity;
3) a notarized copy of the identity document of the first head of the applicant;
4) a notarized copy of the taxpayer - to January 1, 2013 or a notarized copy of the document with an identification number - from 1 January 2013;
5) a notarized copy of the constitution of the legal entity;
6) a notarized copy of the decision of the supreme body of the legal entity operating on the territory of the special economic zone;
7) a copy of the financial statements of the last reporting date, signed by the head of the applicant or his deputy, as well as the chief accountant (accountant);
8) a feasibility study of the project that meets the requirements established by the authority;
9) check the servicing bank on movement of money in the bank accounts of the applicant (the absence of catalogs) and the credit report from the credit bureau that contains information about full or partial information available on the credit history;
10) a certificate from the tax authority at the place of registration of the presence or absence of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget;
11) documents confirming the applicant's financial security.

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