About the Union

Combining individual entrepreneurs and legal entities "Union of Entrepreneurs of special  economic zones" (the Association) is a nonprofit organization established to coordinate business activities, representation and protection of common property and other interests of its members. Was founded January 31, 2011 Special Economic Zones participating companies "Samuryk Saktau" and "Construction Company" Basis ".

July 30, 2014 the Association was re-registered in the judiciary in the renaming of the Association of Legal Entities on the "Association of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan economic zones." Given the extensive work which the Association conducts with members of all special economic zones (hereinafter - SEZ) of Kazakhstan, the updated name will give the opportunity to open its branch network in locations of SEZ, and continue to work with investors of SEZ at the national level.

The purpose of the Association: to protect the rights, property and business interests of its members, the resolution of disputes and conflicts, promote the implementation of business innovation projects organizations SEZ participants informing domestic and foreign entrepreneurs of SEZ in Kazakhstan.

The main objectives of the Association: participation in the implementation of government programs in the field of SEZ development, constructive dialogue between employers and government agencies, as well as representing the interests of participants of SEZ in Kazakhstan and beyond.

During 2013 were mainly conducted market research SEZ by questioning Association specialists were collected and systematized data on problems and issues of the SEZ.

In 2014, the Association has been accredited by the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning.

April 30, 2014 was organized by the Association of Round Table all 10 SEZ management companies headed by the Chairman of the Investment Committee of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies - Hairov E.K.;

On May 5 this year to date weekly Association gathers entrepreneurs SEZ participants to discuss and make recommendations to the concept of the bill on SEZ;

May 20 this year the Association was held II Congress participants in special economic zones with the theme "Challenges and Prospects of special economic zones."
The Charter ALE "Association of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan economic zones" fixed four-governance structure:

I. The supreme governing body of the Association is the General Meeting of the Association.
II. Advisory body, directly participating in the development of business members of the association by the Association Council.
III. Sole executive body of the Association is the board chairman.
IV. Control of financial and economic activities carried out by members of the Association - the Audit Commission..


General meeting of members shall meet as necessary, but at least once a year. General Meeting of the Members shall be deemed competent if attended by delegates at least half the total number of Members of the Association. The competence of the Assembly are the main issues relating to the activities of the Association for consideration, which are carried all the most important issues of the Association, such as:

- adoption, amendments and additions to the Memorandum and Articles of Association as well as the adoption of their new edition;
- reorganization and liquidation of the Association;
- hearing of the financial statements of the executive body;
- adoption within the limits established by legislative acts, decisions on the participation of the Association in the creation of (activity) of other legal entities, as well as their branches and representative offices;
- approval of strategic program of activities of the Association;
- approval procedures of the bodies of the Association, internal documents defining the procedure of the Association;
- hearing a general report on the activities of the Association, the Executive Body;
- other matters referred by the current legislation to the exclusive competence of the supreme governing body of the nonprofit organization.

The Council consists of members of the Association. In accordance with the Articles of Association governing body has given the right to make proposals on issues submitted to the Council of the Association, with the basic activities of the Association, as well as making recommendations on matters relating to the business development of the Association.
The main tasks of the Board of the Association are:
- analyze major issues of business development;
- represent the interests of the Association and reacting with the supreme bodies of state power and administration, including the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Government, the House of Parliament, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other central and local government bodies and non-governmental, public and international organizations;
- other tasks stipulated by the Charter and the decisions of the General Meeting of the Association.

Chairman of the Board elected by the General Meeting of the Association. Chairman of the Board is responsible for implementing the goals and objectives of the Association, and provides overall operational management of the Association, shall decide all questions do not fall within the exclusive competence of the general meeting of members. Chairman of the Board is accountable to the general meeting of members and organize the implementation of the decisions of the Administrative Board and the General Meeting of Members. Chairman of the Board without the power of attorney on behalf of the Association and represents its interests. Enjoys the right to property and money, enter into a contract, including a contract for membership, labor contracts, grant power of attorney, open bank current, settlement and other accounts, issue orders and instructions, and give instructions obligatory for all employees on matters relating its competence. Chairman of the Association of solutions are mandatory for all members of the Association, the Board of the Association, officers, employees, subsidiaries and representative offices. The competence of the Chairman of the Board include:

- logistics activities of the Association within the funds of the Association;
- attraction for the implementation of statutory activity of additional sources of financial and material resources;
- organization of regular meetings of the General Meeting of Members and the Board of the Association;
- the development and approval of a plan governance structure of the Association, staffing and duties;
- addressing staffing and other issues;
- approval of the management structure, the base salary of employees of the Association, the cost estimates, including labor costs;
- Association representing the interests of all public bodies and organizations, as well as companies, associations, unions, organizations;
- the signing of the membership in the Association;
- maintenance of the Register of Members of the Association.

Audit Commission is elected by the Council from among the representatives of the Association of Members of the Association. Members of the Auditing Commission operate at no cost and may conduct both scheduled and unscheduled inspections of financial and economic activities of the Association. The results of inspections and audits are considered by the Association and reported to the General Meeting of the Association. Members of the Auditing Commission may not be members of the Presidium of the Association, members of the Association and individuals having them close relatives, as well as persons receiving from them or from the Association of constant wages or some other permanent remuneration.

Association of participants of special economic zones of Kazakhstan "SezUnion". All rights reserved. 2017

Association of participants of special economic zones of Kazakhstan "SezUnion"