Union services

For existing SEZ participants:

1) Advice on tax and customs issues;
2) Legal examination of contentious relationships and preparation of expert opinions;
3) Investment support: searching investment, tracking investment transactions (general consulting, business negotiations with the investor, the development of financial, contractual documents);
4) Support to the procedure for obtaining concessional funding for government programs;
5) Advisory services on business (supply chain management, marketing, sales, export transactions);
6) Information support of events, activities in SEZ by the Union and government agencies (on a regular basis).

For potential investors of SEZ:

1) Explanation of the benefits of special economic zones, the characteristics of the investment climate in Kazakhstan (for foreign investors), the organization of meetings with key government officials (as required);
2) Preparation of documents for delivery to the governing body of SEZ;
3) Assistance in procedures for obtaining and registration of land plots;
4) Administrative, technical, consulting support for projects.

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Association of participants of special economic zones of Kazakhstan "SezUnion"