The Presidium of the Union

7The Presidium of the Union is to expert consulting and organizational structural advisory body of the Union. Decisions of the Presidium are advisory for all its members and its governing bodies. Members of the Bureau shall be determined by the General Meeting of the Union. Members of the Bureau shall be taken at no charge, formed from different sectors of enterprises, government, not government, commercial and non-profit institutions as well as representatives of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and are involved in consulting and advisory matters.

The Bureau provides strategic guidance to the Association, determines the course of its further development:

* assist the Association in cooperation with government authorities, non-governmental, non-governmental and international organizations;
* program supports the implementation of instruments adopted by the General Assembly of the Association and / or the Board of the Association;
* attracts funding for the Association and promotes the formation of the material and technical base of the Association;
* ensures that the interests of specific sectors of the economy in the current activities of the Association;
* decides to report to the state awards on behalf of the Association and to award the winning of the Association;
* makes other suggestions to improve the performance of the Association.

By open vote at the Congress was elected Chairman of the Presidium of the Association Hairov Yerlan Kartaevich - Chairman of the Investment Committee of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Bureau includes:

1. Bortnyk M.M. - Member of the Senate;
2. Maselov M.H. - Head of State "Managing Administration special economic zone" Astana - new city "
3. Sarck N.I. - Chairman of the Board "Management Company SEZ" Khorgos - Eastern Gate "
4. Amirzhanov R.M. - Deputy Akim of Mangistau region;
5. Shazhanbaeva G.B. - Managing Partner LLP "Legal Company" Samgau Consulting "
6. Sidikov N.A. - Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "National Agency for Export and Investment« KAZNEX INVEST »
7. Abzhapparov A.A. - Chairman of the Board of JSC "Management Company of SEZ" Chemical Park Taraz "
8. Iskakov A.N. - Chairman of the Board of JSC "Karaganda Invest"
9. Otarov A.A. - Head of Administration of the SEZ "Burabai"
10. Tulegenova A.T. - Chairman of the Board of SEZ "Seaport Aktau".
11. Kemel D.I. - Director of Building LLP "Baltic House"
12. Makhambetov U.S. - Director of "Kazbiolife"
13. Belovich A. - Head of Customs clearance LLP "Construction Company" Bazis "
14. Konovalov I.N. - Deputy Director of "The Glass House"
15. Zaripov A.A. - Director of "Kazakhstan Food Company" KAZBRAND "
16. Mangizbaev T.K. Director of "Astana Concrete Plant" Maksat "
17. Utebaev S.N. - Director of LLP «Zhibek Zholy Logistics»
18. Sinicyn A.A. - Director of "Tulpar - Talgo"
19. Kotliarov S.Y. - Director of "Roof of the National Assembly"
20. Shakshakbaev V.S. - Director of LLP «Borovoe Tourism City»
21. Shauenova S.B. - LLC "Production Innovation Company" Yutariya Ltd »
22. Zakaria F.K. - Director of "Polymer Production"
23. E.G. Ivanov - Director of LLP «Talgar Construction TC»
24. Jaroslav Novak - Director of LLP «Selena Insulations "
25. Amershina A. - Director of LLP «BAS Consulting»
26. Norberg D. - Director of the Law Department of  LLP «KPI Inc.»
27. Bektasov A.K. - Director of LLP «AquaCon»

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Association of participants of special economic zones of Kazakhstan "SezUnion"